Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Quarter (Jan/Feb/March)

Boats: Not only is it the off-season for boats, but it's also boat show season, which means you can grab a lot of models—particularly last year's models—at good prices (not to mention with fewer strings attached). [Boatline, Bankrate] Computer Monitors: There are multiple times that you can grab monitors for cheap (Black Friday, anyone?), but the January and February clearance time is a great one. [PCWorld] Gas Grills & Air Conditioners: They're obviously off-season (at least in the colder states), and unless you're a serious air conditioning enthusiast, you probably aren't itching to get the latest and greatest. [Bankrate] Wedding Supplies: Everyone wants a wedding in the spring, which means it's a lot easier to find a venue and negotiate prices for a service in the winter—depending on the location, of course. [Bankrate] Winter Coats & Clothing: The later you get into winter, the better the prices will get, because everyone already has theirs. If you need to upgrade, try to survive one more winter with your old battered coat before retiring it. [TIME, Dealnews] January Clothing: Have you ever been to a clothing store post-Christmas? It's amazing. They're all having mad sales after the holiday rush, so now's a great time to grab some extra clothes if you need them. The selection won't always be great, but prices will. [Di Vincenzo] Broadway Tickets: Broadway's slower months are in the winter and fall, so January's a great time to seek out some discounts. You probably won't find them for the more popular shows, but if you're looking to branch out, this is the time to do it. [CNN] Carpeting & Flooring: Most people buy carpets at the end of the year in preparation for the holidays. Once January rolls around, prices will go down. [Carpet SuperSite] Furniture: Different furniture is better at different times of the year (and we've noted examples in this guide), but January is a great general clearance time, since most furniture companies release new products twice a year: in February and August. That means they'll be giving some sweet deals in January to make room for the new products next month. [FurnitureBrains, Bankrate, Dealnews] Gift Cards: It isn't quite as "official," but just after the holidays is a great time to go onto gift card exchange sites like Plastic Jungle to find discounted gift cards. This time of year, everyone's trading in their unwanted cards for cash. [] Linens and Bedding: Ever since John Wannamaker started the first "white sale" in 1878, January has been the best month to get bedding and other linens. Of course, just as with clothing, keep an eye out all year round, since retailers will put last season's stuff on sale when new products come out. [Bankrate] Motorcycles: It's really cold outside. Not to mention icy. It doesn't make for great cycling weather, but if you've been mulling over a motorcycle purchase, get it in January and then wait to ride it when the snow melts. [] Suits: Not a lot of people buy suits in January, so you may see prices drop to get you into the store. Remember, though, you get what you pay for, so don't go too overboard with the cost-cutting. [Di Vincenzo] Video Games: A lot of new video games come out in late fall for the holiday season, and they'll go on sale after the holidays are over. Check out Steam and other gaming retailers for discounted prices. February Broadway Tickets: February still falls into the slow season for Broadway, so grab discounts on tickets to the less popular shows. [CNN] Cellphones: Valentine's Day may seem like a strange time for cellphone sales, but you can often find buy-one-get-one-free sales in the "theme" of the holiday. [Di Vincenzo] Televisions & Home Theaters: You won't find every TV on sale during the pre-Super Bowl sales, but you can usually find a good deal on older models before they come out later in the spring. [CNET, Dealnews] March Chocolate: If you're willing to wait until after February 14th. [Dealnews] Frozen Foods: It's National Frozen Food Month. Seriously, that's a thing. [National Frozen Food Month, Dealnews] Golf Clubs: New models are coming out for the summer, so your local golf shop is pushing the old ones out the door. Grab last year's set cheaply and you'll forget all about how awesome the new ones are. [LIVESTRONG,] Luggage: It's in between vacation seasons, so shops are dropping prices. Grab any extra bags you might need for the summer in March. [Kiplinger, Dealnews]

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