Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Third Quarter (July/Aug/Sept)

Computers: Intel and AMD start ramping up for new stuff in July, and back-to-school sales get pretty good around this time too. If your computer store of choice requires proof that you're a student, you can always fudge it if you have flexible ethics (and maybe some Photoshop skills). [Digital Trends, Forbes, Bankrate] July Furniture: July is the other big clearance month for furniture, since new stuff is coming out in August. Check out the clearance sales for some good steals. [FurnitureBrains, Bankrate] Home Decor: From table settings to dinnerware, you'll find lots of home decor on sale for the middle of wedding season. [Real Simple] Tools: July is a great month for stocking up on tools if you have the DIY itch. [Dealnews] Video Games: If you play console games, the best you can do is usually wait until your desired games go on sale, usually a few months after they've been released. PC gamers can take advantage of big online sales—like the ever-popular and wallet-reducing Steam Summer Sale—around this time. August Linens & Storage Containers: As the kids head off to college, lots of stores have sales on new dorm supplies. Office Furniture: Another benefit of those back-to-school sales, whether you're a college student or not. [FurnitureBrains] Kids' Clothing: It's back to school season, so lots of more kid-oriented stores are having sales. School Supplies: Again, back to school sales mean good deals on lots of office supplies. You can either buy now, when the sales are going on, or later in September, when stores are getting rid of leftovers. Swimsuits: While you can find good deals on swimwear at the beginning of spring, the best discounts come during the end of summer, when everyone's clearing out their inventory. [Real Simple, Dealnews] September Appliances: With the exception of Refrigerators (see May), September and October are the best time to buy big appliances, since it's when new models start coming out. You can get last year's leftovers for less. [Bankrate,] Bicycles: New models come out at the end of riding season, which is around September. Look for good prices on last year's models. []. Broadway Tickets: September is the second "off season" for Broadway, so it's another good time to find deals on tickets. [CNN] Cars: New cars usually come out at the end of the summer, so lots will be clearing out their 2013 models around this time. It should be easier to haggle down the price, too. Buy at the end of the month for extra savings. This is also a good time to lease, since it's when the banks estimate a car's residual value. [Di Vincenzo, Consumer Reports, Bankrate] Lawnmowers: Stores have to make room for all their winter gear, which means summer staples like lawnmowers will be on sale. As usual, the selection won't be as good, but that's the tradeoff you make for good deals. [ToolGuyd] Holiday Airfare: We've mentioned before that you should buy plane tickets two months in advance, which means now is the time to prepare your holiday visits to friends and family. [Dealnews] School Supplies: As mentioned above, stores'll be clearing out their inventory from all the back to school sales. Anything you don't need the first few weeks of school can be bought in September for even less. Wine: It's harvest time, which means this is the best time to stock up on wine. [Forbes]

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